UK Insight

On the way home from London on Sunday night I picked up a free copy of ‘Mail on Sunday’ a popular UK newspaper.  Inside there was one full page which is the blog of Peter Hitchens.  It made thoroughly interesting reading.  What I am not sure about is if it is just a complete exercise of “pulling the piss” or if he is any way serious.  Either way, it raises some interesting thoughts.  If he is just pulling the piss, the amount of responses written by folks who seem to take him seriously is a worry.  If he takes himself seriously, is it then a window onto the mental space of a reasonable slice of the UK population?  The way in which he represents his opinions is a style which does mirror conversations I have had with folks from the UK which always makes me think about how the UK as a culture, seems to be sliding towards “the lowest common denominator”.


2 thoughts on “UK Insight

  1. Hmm. Perhaps qualify “popular”… “Popular” is usually equated with “lowest common denominator”.
    However, I wouldn’t say the Mail of Sunday (free? where? :O) is popular. Perhaps it just has the loudest readers. Empty vessels? For example, there is a quip somewhere that the best court judge is one that hasn’t been heard of by the Daily Mail…

    Unfortunately, your link didn’t work?

    P.S. You realise you are, kind of, increasing traffic to Peter Hitchens’ blog?

    P.P.S. Oh! Was the link-not-working all part of this cunning plan?

    • Thanks Amanda, link has been repaired. Free as in give away at Heathrow as you jump on the plane. I have to admit it is a poor choice however I can see why they do give it free, in direct correlation to the value contained within.

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