The Day the Immigrants Left

This was a show on BBC1 that I chanced to see early last week.  If you have access to past BBC shows via iplayer, watch this.

Evan Davis convinces 4 UK employers who only employ immigrant labour to employ on a trial basis 2 or 3 unemployed Brits for 3 days, to prove that Brits can do the work that the immigrants do.  All of the employers were reluctant to undertake this because they were all convinced from the outset that this was a futile exercise.  The outcome was reasonably predictable.  The employers were: an asparagus farmer, a housing developer, a food processing factory and an Indian restaurant all near the town of Wisbech.  In the case of the food processing factory 1 of the 3  people texted to say he was too sick to start, 2 of the 3 for the Indian restaurant did the same.  For me, the most wonderful part of the show was when at the end of the first day of packing potatoes, the two Brits had come to the stunning conclusion that the factory had significantly increased the rate of production on that day in order to put them off because “No one works that hard normally”.   Wonderful stuff.


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