Apology – no, fuck off!

Interesting reading over the last 2 days about Tiger Woods heartfelt apology to the world.  My question is, ‘why bother’?  Who’s fucking business is it, other than his and his wife?  This sanctimonious bullshit is now what is expected, not to mention an immediate bout of therapy at an institution and without doubt a dollop of religion thrown into the mix as well.  The trouble is that this bullshit seems to work.  I am not sure who is the biggest fool in this 3 act play, Woods or the press/public. 

Personally I think he would be more true to himself to tell the press and every other bleeding heart to simply “fuck off and mind their own business”.  When did you ever see Jack Nicholson ever apologise for rogering some woman, and has it done his career any harm?

Only the truly cycnical would suggest that its only because of the money.


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