Karine has taken a week off to go to her yoga and meditation school somewhere in the north of Holland.  Each morning she has to get out of bed and begin at 4am and on Monday morning she was one of the first to have a cold shower for 20 minutes at 4.00am!  Just to add the final dimension to this story, it is currently around -10C at that time in the morning.  Apparently others have to help dry you off and then carry you into another area to warm up as you can no longer physically move.  The rest of the week is easy – just a short cold shower each day at 4.00am 🙂


Upgrading my website

I am in the process of upgrading my website to a brand new design.  I like it so much more.  For any of you that are trying to visit over the next few days, please allow for the fact that it could look a bit strange as I am changing things in and out.  I will send out an email once the whole thing is finished.