The banality of some song lyrics

Over the last few days when I have been driving to work, the lyrics of certain songs have penetrated into my conciousness.  Normally I totally ignore the lyrics and have absolutely no idea what any song is actually about.  But in listening I realised that the majority of the lyrics are total crap but more importantly as a message to young women there not exactly encouraging. 

First song:  – ‘can’t live without you, my life will never be the same again, will love you until I die’.  Translated = this means that he is head over heels in lust but hasn’t gotten into her knickers yet!

Second song – ‘not sure I understand it, haven’t spoken to you on the phone or heard from you for 3 days’.  Translated = achieved getting her knickers off and then realised in doing so that it wasn’t as great as the expectation he had built up in his head.

Third song – ‘i just don’t believe you when you say it is over.  You told me that we would be together until we die.  I am sure you don’t really mean this, I just want you to try again’.  Translated = no sorry, I realised that you are actually very boring and yes, we did shag quite a bit but I honestly don’t want to spend anymore time with you, please get over it and don’t hassle me again.

As I said, whilst this is probably a fairly accurate description of many peoples every day lives, it’s not entirely an encouraging message although I am sure that the sales of these songs are markedly boosted by those in the very same circumstances.


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