Aliens abduct 3,846 Americans per week!

I read with passing interest yesterday that an estimated 4 million Americans believe that they have been abducted by aliens.  Whilst you tend to think, ‘is that all and did that include George W’? you also have to pause and think about what that really means.  So if you consider the last 20 years as an example.  In that time, there has been 1,040 calendar weeks. This would mean that the aliens are snatching up 3,846 Americans a week!  Taking this a bit further, you begin to wonder what the fuck would they want with 3,846 people per week.  I think there are only SO many experiments that you would want to carry out to determine what you are dealing with and you would think that the aliens fascination with the average intelligence (or lack thereof) of the subjects would become somewhat jaded after the first week or so.  Then there are questions such as – is it the same aliens or different species?, do they specialise in looking for subjects with breast implants?, has McDonalds considered opening a franchaise there?, do the aliens need to get them back in time for church on Sunday?  So many questions…………………..


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