Feedback thread on my photos

For those of you who have visitied my site, or are planning to, please leave any feedback that you have on this post.



Travelling past Leiden on the N44 on Easter weekend, I saw this building from the highway, which I find is pretty amazing.  I stopped to photograph it and found out that it is a theme attraction where you can take a tour ‘inside’ the human body.  Makes for interesting photos as well.april09_1034

Summer and Holland ‘Blooms’

Finally, its getting warmer here in Holland, the days are getting longer and being mid-April the flower fields are beginning to bloom.  As you drive along, you see in the distance a riot of colour.  During Easter I drove out to Noorderwijk, which is 40 kms from Amsterdam.  There is only a 6 week window for the flowers so hopefully there will be some other opportunities.  But heh, you can only do so many photos of flowers.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.  I will use this forum to update you on my photography, my travels, friends photography and just things that I find interesting.  Above all, please use this forum to provide feedback about what you like and what you dont like in my photo’s.  It is really important because the feedback does help me enormously.  Also visit my photography website if you reach this blog from a different direction.